Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yes Man 2008

Salam .. sorry guyz.. lately i've been trying to save money to go for a trip to Pulau Perhentian... So no posts about new movies.. Only something about i found in my hard drive again....
Main character in movie is Actor Jim Carrey.. i started to know this great actor when i watched The Mask... His attraction is mainly on comedy and weird facial expression... So.. when i saw him made an appearance in Yes Man trailer... i know i had to watch it...

Yes Man is about a person so isolated in his own life because he rejects every great opportunities before him by saying no to it... but his life changed completely when he was forced into a covenant... a covenant that demands him to say yes to anything.. even if its a weird favor .. as in.. yes i will buy that $700 mattress.. yes i will go fight that muscle freak even if it gets me killed... yes i will shoot a cow with a bazooka.. that kind of 'yes'.... and that made the whole story enjoyable to watch because we'd expect the main character get into serious trouble by jumping into it.. but as it turns out.. he ended up getting something out of it.. something good and beneficial..

In this film.. you'll get to see Jim Carrey speaking in foreign language.. that is Korean... i've seen Matt Damon speaks in French and Russian... Jason Statham in Japanese... Edward Norton in Portuguese and Mexican... although not perfected.. but i think they looked cool... but a westerner speaking in Korean?.... now thats something you dont get to see everyday... furthermore.. Jim Carrey's accent made the Korean speaking scene look funnier and awkward....

Another scene that I liked is when Jim Carrey's character tried to calm a jumper and persuade him not to jump off a building.. again... some screen shot so you can see what im talking about..

Introducing the jumper...

Jim Carrey among the passing crowd..

Jim Carrey's character rushes his way upstairs to save the helpless bastard..

But when he gets there..
Clueless as what to do

Then... an idea struck him ..
he picks up a guitar.... and tunes it..

only to play a song for the jumper...
lol.... who would have think of that?

the song goes like this....

i wish you would step off from that ledge my friends..
we could cut ties from all the lies that you've been living in...

if you do not want to see me again
i would understand~~~

Third eye blind - Jumper

and you know what..
it really worked..
to the point that the jumper joined in the song

and even the crowd, policeman and fireman followed along

When he sees the chance..

he quickly grabs the guy.. and pulled him into his room..

and finally...
doing his finishing pose..
Sorry for the lengthy post.. but please bear with me for a little more...
Besided Jim's.. another character i found attractive is the one played by Zoey Deschanel... She looks adorable and pretty in all of the scenes in the film... Perhaps.. its her dress, makeup.. or the funny way she talks.. i'm not sure.. but i'm sure most people find her lovely in this film...
Proof ...

See?... ain't she looks adorable..

Moving on to next point... the message... i think .. the message was pretty clear.. of course it is not to say yes to everything.. but to know that experiencing something new is not really bad.. maybe.. you'll be at disadvantage at first... but theres definitely something in it that you'll find good and worthful

In conclusion... to me.. this movie was very inspirational and funny at the same time.. thanks to great acting by Jim Carrey and great script writing by the.... scriptwriter.. i suppose...
i give it an 8 out of 10..

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  1. I love this movie. really. and yes, that suicide guy part is a serious lol. especially when everyone also follow to sing.