Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Best buddies forever

And so the 3rd installment of the Toy Story is here since its first one in 1995 and that was when i was a 7 yrs old. The 1st movie made a huge impression to me as a child with its colorful and vibrant animation and solid storyline that it made me watch it several times. Now i'm 21 and still excited to go and watch the new installment.

Cut the story short, Toy Story 3 still keeps the original prominent characters from the first two. Buzz the space cadet, Woody the cowboy, Jessie, Rex, Mr and Mrs Bart and The Trixies with addition of new characters in latter scenes. But now, as 11 yrs passed they have to accept the fact that Andy had already outgrown them and about to leave his house to attend college. So, when Andy packs his stuffs, his mom mistook the toys as donation item and brought all the toys to Sunnyside, a child daycare center. Finding themselves in this situation, the toys took it that Andy no longer needed them and decided to stay in Sunnyside. Woody however keens on getting all of his friends back to Andy's house and thats how everything began

After 11 years from its last sequel , latest animation technology made Toy Story 3 on par with current animated movies, just how you would expect a Pixar product will be. Story-wise, The director Lee Unkrich manages to keep it as original as its first two with more balanced action-adventure, heart-warming, laughter and teary scenes. Watching it was like visiting old friends and made me reminisced childhood days. But the most gripping and intense scene had to be the ending where Andy made a sendoff with its toys and trusted them to a new kid named Bonnie. You might want to prepare some tissue and handkerchiefs for this one because I recalled hearing distinct sobbing from the entire cinemas during the scene. Although on the surface, this movie was made with the intention to capture young viewers, it deals more with adult themes like friendships, abandonment, and loyalty and concluded it just perfectly. Thats why i think Toy Story deserves a full 10 stars out of 10.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Green Zone


As of Thursday of 11th March ... we celebrate the announcement of 2009 SPM result.. but more importantly.. its the day Jason Bourne's fans has been waiting for.. Green Zone..

In green zone, Matt Damon played the role of a Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller and was given the task to search for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Baghdad only to find nothing and later realized that the intelligence on the WMD location were fabricated by higher chain of commands in hope of concealing hidden conspiracy among them.

As a fan who has been following Bourne's flick, I was greatly dissapointed by how this movie turned out. I was expecting to see some fast and efficient Bourne-like hand to hand combat, or something like shoot first ask question later action, or maybe some adrenaline pumping car-chasing scene.. but none of these were present in Green Zone.

Its almost felt like 80% of the movie time was wasted on unraveling the conspiracy theory with 90% of them shot using over-shaky cam. At least Paul Greengrass could have made the picture a bit steadier but he just dont get it and instead increases the viewer's dizziness from 50% shaky in Bourne Ultimatum to 240% in GZ!.. 2 shaky Bourne movies and he still dont learn his lesson. The rest 20% was action, but a slow and typical one. Those that you can see in almost all Iraq war movies.

But despite all the flaws, the message was pretty heavy. It shows how the Iraqis were severely oppressed and reduced to nothing after the war , all in the name of pursuing weapons that do not exist. A fabricated lie by US government. For this piece of crap, i give it 5 out 10...