Wednesday, June 3, 2009


and hi guyz.. welcome to Huzai goes to cinema ....this is my first time pleaze pardon the bad english here.. after all.. improving my english is one of the reason i decided to blog..

This blog is not about my life or anything near it at all....its all about movies, series, or maybe even books .....but mostly, ill write about movies... although i think best review you can find is at ... my blog tells you how i view the movie from my perspective...i'm not so good in giving review but ill try to write about the movie in terms of the story plot, special effect, acting, soundtracks, bla bla bla.. and other things i think can be included..

Normally, if i am interested to watch certain movies.. i'll check its rating first at .. if the rating is between 8.0-9.0.. then without hesitating.. ill go watch it before any of my friends could.. but ratings this high is very rare.. chances are 2 movies in a year can get rating this high.. example.. last years iron man and batman the dark knight....but rating between 7.0-9.0 is also good.. but don't let the ratings be the main deciding factor.. if you think the trailer is convincing enough to make you spend a few $$ to go and watch it.. then you should...

thats all for the intro..
have a nice time...


  1. o_O. hehe. nice.

    lain kali boleh aku usha blog ini setiap kali aku nak tengok apa2 movie.

  2. ha ha... sila2... jgn malu jgn segan