Friday, June 5, 2009

Taken 2008

Salam.. today's post is not about film in cinema.. just happened to found this in my hard drive and decided to watch it again... although this is some old stuff already.. if im not mistaken this was out a year ago in cinema...i can't help posting my opinion about this film since it's really good stuff and deserve some reviewing here..

The first impression i had on this film was not that good... coz its about a father trying to retrieve her 17 yr old daughter who was forced into slave trade in Paris... This genre is quite old to me and i've watched several movies with same storyline.....but after watching it... it was really something else.. its a true definition of high speed action moive... you see a very angry father who'd stop at nothing to get her daughter back.. even if it means shooting innocent people... even better... this person had served as CIA agent and his fighting skills, the way he get things done is very similar to jason bourne character by matt damon..

.. some ppl i found saying that his action and skills look real.. but not so believable.. coz they thought theres too much coincident and pointed out that agent bryan mills found his daughter out of pure luck... for example.. how he verified the identity of the kidnapper just by matching the kidnappers voice in the recording device with the people he found in the room out of coincident... when the fact is .. it is not coincidental... The empty chit-chat and negotiation was actually intended on matching the kidnappers voice with the one he had on the recording device.. like when he asked a guy the translation for sugar in albanian... and the guy responded with a high pitch.. and he immediately knew it was not him... which left out the real kidnapper sitting on the table..
I can go on for long but i think i've made my point.. liam neeson character knows what he's doing and everything he does has its own objective and goal..

speaking of action... i like it when it he hits the bad guyz's vital part like this...

it ts called The Neckchop... and the bad guy will go like this

and watching it made me go like this

i also like the torture scene using electricity and how he explains that the cia always found trouble to use the electroction torture method in third world country since they dont have stable power supply there.. and the electricity would go off every time they start electrocuting somebody.. then they would have to resort to pulling off fingernails and dropping acid on skin. but in Paris.. the power is much more stable.. hence making the electrocution torture method possible there... anyway.. explaining in words wont do much.. here's some snapshot

Imagine 2 metal rod this big...

and have them pierce through the electrocutee (<-- a word i made up) legs like this..

then Agent Bryan Mills starts the interrogation...

and if the electrocutee refuses to answer any questions and starts spitting on him.. He just have to turn on the switch and the electrocutee will go like this

all day long ............

until I go like this again...

Liam Neeson's character also have the tendency to shoot anyone before they could do something.... you know like in every action movie.. everytime the story reaches its peak and the main character has a gun pointing towards the bad guys.. and we would wait for like 2-3 minutes for him to shoot coz the main character hesitates so much.... and also the bad guy might be begging for his life.. well... with Liam Neeson in Taken.. you wont see any of that... he just shoot any hostile target... without mercy..

In conclusion... this high speed action movie is perfect for Bourne and Die Hard fan...
Since it made my day.. i give it an 8 out of 10

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