Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zombieland 2009

Top 5 rules to survive in a world swarmed by zombies

1. Cardio
2.Beware of bathroom
3.Use seatbelts
5.Kill with efficiency

Zombieland mainly focuses on Tallahasse, a male shut-in and who lived by these rules to survive zombie attack and how he met 3 other survivor Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock. They go along these fake names to avoid further attachment with each other. Then, its all about travelling around the country with a hummer, killing zombie in the funniest way possible and enjoying their time while doing it..

About the 5 rules..

Rule no 1: Cardio
In world of zombies.... the first ones to go are fatties.. because zombies don't go walking slowly to chase after people... they sprint!.. So staying in shape really helps when trying to lose them

Rule no 2: Beware of the Bathroom
is where people are likely to let their guard down... making them more prone to surprise zombie attack... ignore the rule.. and you'll end up like this guy

Rule no 3: Use seatbelts
Blur?... have no idea how this rule might save people from zombies?.. try recaling the proton commercial ad where a pontianak gets thrown away from a car after the car stopped abruptly.. same concept applies here... you just dont know when a zombie might show up from the backseat...
Always apply your seatbelts

so, when a fugly bastard shows up from the back of your seat

you can always apply emergency brake and have them sent flying through your windshield.

Yes, i know.....
seatbelts can save your life

Rule no 4: Double tap
always hit or shoot the zombie one more time at the head... to make sure they're no longer a harm.. in this case, people cannot afford to be stingy with their bullet...this applies the same to all other zombie filck...

Rule no 5: Kill with efficiency
When faced with shortage of weapon.. any objects surrounding you can be used effectively to kill zombies... as long as it delivers a strong blow particularly at their heads.. Take toilets covers for example..

Zombieland cleverly captures zombie attack in humorous way, although it is undeniable that the killing and gore scene were kept realistic and violent as like other zombie flicks. Almost all scenes had me surprised and entertained to the extent i cannot help laughing until my throats sore badly. In conclusion, it shows zombie attack in a pleasantly new perspective and definitely the best since shawn of the dead. I give Zombieland 8.5 out of 10.


  1. seatbelts rule also apply to old gypsy ladies lo..in Drag Me to Hell..hahak

  2. chanz: tepat skali

    jaz:tgk la... rugi kalo miss.. tgu ja review avatar ak lpas ni

  3. tggi gila 8.5..
    aku suka twinkies,wicthea,n part dia tembak bill murray...hehe

  4. avatar kalau ang bagi 8.5 aku bagi penyepak arr..
    walaupon aku tak tengok lagi, tapi instict aku kuat mengatakan mesti hancuq ni..haha